Kung Fu Action Tales, Episode 01- Hot Soup

Hi All! Rob here.

This is the first episode of Kung Fu Action Tales, KFAT’s newest monthly Podcast where we will explore new realms of Asian Historical Adventure Fiction.

As you may have heard, KFAT has recently made the jump from an audio drama production group to prose fiction, and in keeping with the KFAT theme I wanted to shift the podcast feed over to something that reflects our new style. On this podcast I hope to have new stories of action, adventure and intrigue set in old Asia, but perhaps also moving into other areas as the podcast evolves- we’ll see as we go.

And I do mean we’ll see!

This podcast isn’t intended to be just me, but I hope it will become a community project similar to Podcastle or Escape Pod where each show has new writers and new storytellers showcasing their visions of Asia and beyond. If you’re a writer, and you’re interested in submitting a story, please check the submission guidelines on the KFAT homepage or write to me at [email protected] We’re not recruiting readers yet, since many of KFAT’s actors have been willing to donate their time to do readings for this podcast, but if we do need them in the future I’ll be sure you let you know.

Okay, now on with the show!

Tonight’s very special adventure is a fitting one. I say that because KFAT’s very first audio drama was Little Gou and the Emperor’s Cousin, and tonight’s story, Hot Soup, is an adaption of that very tale. Of course, some of you may have already heard the original Audio Drama, but don’t worry, this adaption takes the story to new heights and new directions with the power of prose.

Don’t believe me?

Then sit back, relax and enjoy Hot Soup. The very first Little Gou short adventure story.


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