Kung Fu Action Tales, Episode 02- The Man Who Was Never Afraid / Shrouded Path

Hello everyone, and welcome to the second episode of Kung Fu Action Tales!

I’m your host, Rob Paterson, and tonight we’re bringing you not one, but two tales of adventure from Old China. The first is a short story called The Man Who Was Never Afraid, and the second is a sample from a recently published new Young Adult WuXia novel called Shrouded Path.

A few notes:

1.  First, I’d like to thank the people who have been submitting stories to KFATales, it’s great to see that people out there are interested in exploring the wonders of old Asia. That said, we’re always looking for new stories, so please, if you have a tale of Asian adventure you’d like us to help share with the world- send it in! And we’re not just stories set in China or Japan, either! If you want to show us the adventure possibilities in old Indonesia, or the Philippines or Mongolia, then take this as your chance to show it to the English speaking world. I know that most Asian cultures had rich martial traditions, I’d love to hear some of their tales, and I know many of your fellow listeners would too! So get to work people! Time’s a wasting!

2. Speaking of listeners, I’d love to have some feedback from you lads and ladies about the stories we present here on KFATales, and I’m sure the other writers would too. So please feel free to drop by the website and post your comments on our shows, or send us an audio message at [email protected] and I’ll even play it on air during the next episode and do my best to answer any questions.

3. And third, as always, KFATales is brought to you by KFAT’s own line of e-books which can be found on the Kindle or other major e-book retailers.

Alright- on with the show!

Opening Music- Mystic Asia by Dj Svenzo

Our first story is called The Man Who Was Never Afraid

The author, Brian Dolton, describes himself as an Englishman, now living in New Mexico, and writing stories which are mostly about an imaginary China. This makes perfect sense to him. He’s had work published in the Intergalactic Medicine Show, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Fantasy Magazine and many more – but says for those who find Yi Qin an interesting character the best place will be upcoming issues of Black Gate magazine.  Issue 15 is due out early this year and will contain one story, and others are already slated for issues 16 and 17. As for this story itself, it was published at Abyss and Apex, issue 20, October 2006.

The first reader, Fiona Thraille is a talented actor and writer who hails from the United Kingdom and has been heard in our audio dramas as Sister Cat in the Little Gou adventures and Lady Whitcombe in the Twin Stars series. Outside of KFAT, she’s had numerous roles with Pendant Productions, and written and produced her own mystery audio drama series entitled Red Sands.

Our other author of the evening is Aron White, who will be reading an excerpt from his new novel Shrouded Path.

According to his blog at aron-white.blogspot.com, Aron lives in Seattle and assumes his secret storyteller identity whenever possible. Originally from the Motor City, he’s always had a soft spot for Chevys, enjoys collecting vintage movie posters and is a member of Knights of Columbus. Some day when his regime comes to power he plans to require society to read more books and watch less television.

His first novel, Shrouded Path, is a young adult adventure set in 16th century China, and tonight we’ll be hearing the prologue and the first chapter. Enjoy!

Alright then. I do believe that brings this month’s exploration into the worlds of Asian Adventure to a satisfying close. As always, thanks for listening, and tune in next month to hear Winnie Khaw’s entrancing story of the fall of a dynasty in The Paper Dragon Breathes Fire.

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One thought on “Kung Fu Action Tales, Episode 02- The Man Who Was Never Afraid / Shrouded Path

  1. Winnie Khaw

    Fiona Thraille’s reading was wonderful, extremely smooth and engaging to listen to like the best of Librivox audiobook recordings. I really admire how tightly plotted the short story, The Man Who Was Never Afraid, was. The dual concepts of fear and fearlessness was simple, but very well-integrated.

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