Happy 7 Billion Day!

Is it getting more crowded in here, or is it just me?

Unfortunately, I think like Marx, Malthus will turn out to be right, it’s just being delayed. Eventually we will reach a point where we outpace our ability to feed ourselves due to climate change or general limits of technology, and then the resource wars will begin.

On the plus side, there’s the graphics of the birthrates in Africa, which I found rather positive. Not because Africans are having less children, but because the human develpment index scores are going up in even some of the harsher African countries.

More graphs and information here:

Infographic: Measuring the effect of a growing population – The Globe and Mail.

What’s the First Horror Movie? This is.

The Devil’s Castle, from 1896 is considered to be the first horror movie. At a bit over three minutes long, it’s not a hard watch despite being a silent film. One thing that today’s viewers should keep in mind when watching is that the audiences of the day had no concept of special effects because films were such a new medium. So the transformations you see here, while extremely crude, would have been genuinely shocking to the audiences watching this film.

And when you’re done laughing at that, here’s an early silent horror film that lives up to it’s name. If you haven’t seen the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920), you’re in for a twisted piece of German expressionism that you won’t soon forget!

And finally, here’s a movie that haunted my young dreams for years. That staircase scene still gives me chills, 1922’s Nosferatu!

Happy Halloween!