April 2008


I just had the following e-mail exchange with a friend about Audiobooks: Friend: There seems to be a lot of love for Little Gou. It’ll be interesting...

Writing Speed

A friend just mentioned to me that she knows of someone turning out a full 20-30 page script in 45 minutes. That’s astounding! O_o! My own writing...

April 17, 2008

The Life of a Pendant Show

Jeffrey Bridges, the incredibly devoted executive producer of Pendant Productions just posted a blog entry outlining the process Pendant shows go through from idea to production. It...

April 16, 2008

Writing Promos

I’ve just finished producing 2.3 of the hardest minutes of audio production to write- my Promo. Ironically enough, it was written in less than 40 minutes (to...

April 10, 2008