I just had the following e-mail exchange with a friend about Audiobooks:


There seems to be a lot of love for Little Gou. It’ll be interesting to see how the audiobook goes down in relation to the audio dramas. I wonder what people are more into listening to…


Here’s another interesting factoid- part of the reason I initially had a lot of interia with my audio dramas was from doing the audiobook readings. The audiobooks make up about 9000 of my site’s total downloads, even though I effectively took them down almost 7 months ago (they were still available through the KFAT blog as well until recently but not on the podcast feed, and now that’s gone too!) and I believe it was when I lost those audiobook listeners who hung around that’s when I had the real slump in my ratings.

Simply put, audiobooks are just damn more popular than Audio Dramas. Sad but true. Which is in part why I decided to start branching back out into both.

I should add an extra comment to go along with that, though. Just to keep things in context. Since I started in August 2006 my podcast feed has had 27,000 listeners, of which 9000 (as noted above) were Audiobook listeners. That still means Audio Drama listeners make up more of my listenership, but since there are more of them than the audiobooks each audio drama has fewer listeners.


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