English Webfiction Sites

A list of sites hosting English webfiction, both translated and original.

Wattpad – biggest English webfiction site in the world, hard to get noticed, 80% female readership

Royal Road -lovers of Fantasy and litRPGs

Moonquill – Rising webfiction platform and publisher with website and app. Stories must be accepted before being published on the site.

Scribble Hub – good ad-free site for lovers of original Light Novels and Webnovels, still growing

Radish – an app-based platform for writing and reading serial fiction. It claims to be focused on writers making money from their fiction through micro-payments (small amounts of money like a few cents).

Creative Novels – Rising major webfiction platform. Stories must be accepted before they’re published on the site. Minimum 30,000 words to be accepted, but they profit share with the writers.

Tapas – YA and Middle Grade fiction, young audience.

Tapread – Mostly a site for Chinese and Korean style webnovels. Accepts original works too.

Booksie – a small fiction hosting site for teens and poets.

Inkitt – A site for aspiring novelists which feeds into its counterpart APP. A lot like Wattpad lite, including its readership.

Dreame Stories – Teen YA, Romance, and LGBTQ+ Fiction

Honeyfeed – a teen oriented webnovel sub-site of Japanese-owned portal Honey’s Anime.

Storybird – a moderated creative writing site for students to post and share their stories and artwork on.

Belletristica – a gorgeous looking hosting fiction site that’s still growing. It’s a German site but has an English site, although the chat rooms are pretty much completely in German.

Fictionpress -the oldest English webfiction site online. Mostly filled with fragments by young writers.

Webnovel – all kinds of translated and original works here, huge reader base for male-oriented stuff. (Their original novel contract is horrible, though, so I don’t recommend publishing here unless you are doing it purely for exposure and are willing to give up all rights to your story.)

Sufficient Velocity – Forum for science fiction and anime fans which has a large user fiction section where people can post their work.

Spacebattles.com – Science Fiction fan forum, has a large membership and an Original Fiction section in their large creative writing area.

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