Writing Promos

I’ve just finished producing 2.3 of the hardest minutes of audio production to write- my Promo.

Ironically enough, it was written in less than 40 minutes (to you who say “it shows”, my reply is “you know where the find the exit” ^_-) but that made it no less difficult to come up with. In reality the writing wasn’t so much the hard part as was the idea. I went through sooo many Promo ideas over the year and a half since I made the last KFAT promo (which was for my old audiobook podcast, not the audio drama one!) but none of them ever seemed to gel. Most of them were about Little Gou having some (very) short adventure/situation that turned into the promo, but I did consider various mix-montage promos (made up of clips from my shows) and other types such as plain old me talking to the audience.

I’ve heard all of these done with effectiveness, and turned into good promos, but I wanted to do something different. I guess that’s one of my flaws as a creator, if I can’t do something a little different, I don’t really want to do it. I suppose in the worst case (since I’ve had people asking me for promos to exchange for a while) I would have just gone with a me talking to the audience promo since it’s the simplest and most effective in my opinion. But, I held out for a better idea, and suddenly as I drove to work yesterday morning it hit me- I knew exactly what to do and how to do it. Thus came the promo I whipped off at work and mailed to myself, the one with little change you can hear as the KFAT 2008 promo.

I think it reflects the group, and manages to be entertaining at the same time, but only time will tell.