The Jetsons take place before The Flintstones?

So I was part of a conversation where some friends were discussing this video:

And one of my friends who uses the name Mysterious Pants brought up the following mind-blowing theory:

“Actually, I like the idea that the Flinstones is, in actuality, the future of the Jetsons after all the computer A.I. and robots leave Earth. Humanity degenerates and, without industrial machinery, relies on the ancestors of genetically altered, talking animals to do all their labor in a mockery of what mechanical things used to for them and live their lives in a pseudo-“modern society” for reasons that have been lost to time. Again, without machines present, the Earth environmentally bounces back (when the floating cities finally drop down to the surface, the Earth has, as it turns out, recovered but has become an overgrown, primordial jungle thanks to the greenhouse effect of all the smog in the upper atmosphere).”



4 Things Science Fiction Needs to Bring Back |

A truly great list that I agree with 100%!

It’s tempting to look around at today’s literary scene, with its Twilight and its Fifty Shades of Grey, and wonder if we shouldn’t just flush the whole goddamn concept of written language down the toilet — maybe start again with some sort of hybrid colorwheel/odor system for communicating thoughts. Strangely, the one genre thriving in the swamp of modern literature seems to be science fiction. It’s kind of appropriate, actually: All of our crazy high technology has made publishing and distributing books about crazy high technology much more approachable and widespread than ever. But even the best works could stand to learn a little something from the past, so here are a few things that I miss about old science fiction, and would like to see come back.

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