English Webfiction Sites

A list of sites hosting English webfiction, both translated and original.

Fictionpress -old and filled with fragments

Wuxiaworld -home base for wuxia and xianxia stories

Gravity Tales – more xianxia and cultivation stories

Webnovel – all kinds of translated and original works here, huge reader base for male-oriented stuff

Tapas – YA and Middle Grade fiction, young audience

Royal Road -lovers of litRPGs

Wattpad – biggest English webfiction site in the world, hard to get noticed, 80% female readership

Scribble Hub – good ad-free site for lovers of original Light Novels and Webnovels, still growing

Creative Novels – mixed original and translated content, still growing

Radish – an app-based platform for writing and reading serial fiction. It claims to be focused on writers making money from their fiction through micropayments (small amounts of money like a few cents).