RIP Robin Williams

When I was growing up, people would always say “Robyn is a girl’s name.”

I would answer- “No, it’s not. There’s Robin Williams.”

Now there isn’t.

Thank you Mr. Williams, for being there from a fellow Robyn. Even if your name was spelled wrong. πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “RIP Robin Williams

  1. There’s also a famous Hood who spelled it wrong, and a famous Robin Ward as well, and another Canadian.
    I have left behind Facebook for three weeks to push some writing and teaching preparation off my desk. I don’t miss it much, but last night in a deep malaise after Ginny told me the news, I went on to see that I wasn’t the only one soul-hurt by the loss of Robin Williams. He didn’t just act. He didn’t just entertain in his madcap way. He was intricately involved in some of the most moving films of my life. You didn’t watch Robin Williams in those days, you knew him. You knew there was a sad clown behind the laughing eyes, because you knew he had been bullied like you were, had been so very alone like you felt, and he had flaws that he triumphed through bit grit and by crook’s hook.
    He was loved even though he sometimes didn’t feel it, by countless people, and while I am one of those lost in the multitudes…
    I see you. I see you. And I miss you.

    • Well said, my friend! :-/ I think you described him perfectly. He was a beloved man by everyone who knew him, and most (like us) who were only lucky enough to see his spirit on the screen.

      The world is a little bit dimmer today without him. πŸ™

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