Brush With Death – YouTube

Coolest Youtube video you’re going to see today. What would he be called, a Pingutomancer? A Paintomancer?

The best video I’ve seen yet explaining the Credit Crisis in super-simple terms.

Cereal Killer

Violent, but a whole lotta fun! I laughed.

Be sure to click on one of the cereal boxes at the end!

Einstein vs Stephen Hawking -Epic Rap Battles of History #7 – YouTube

Had this thing stuck in my head all day!


New Bill in US Congress would send people to jail for 5 years for singing any copyrighted song on Youtube.

You Americans who read this might want to get on this issue. Although they may not have chosen the best mascot, after all, there are people who would pay just to see Justin Bieber sent to prison…

S.978, a new bill in Congress, make it a felony to post videos that contain copyright-infringing music, with up to five years in prison for violators. The clever folks at Fight for the Future have noticed that this law would have put Justin Bieber in jail, since he launched his career by posting videos of himself singing R&B tunes, in violation of copyright. The Free Bieber campaign is aiming to raise awareness of the campaign to fight S.978 and keep posting videos of yourself singing music legal, and they’ve got plenty of info for helping you fight the bill and enlist your friends to do the same.

via Free Bieber: campaign to kill proposed law that would send you to prison for 5 years for singing copyrighted music on YouTube – Boing Boing.

Doctor Who Blink Cat – YouTube

Doctor Who Blink Cat – YouTube.

Whatever you do, don’t blink!