On Saturday afternoons for the past two months I have been teaching at the nearby NeiHu branch of KoJen (pictured above). I’ve been teaching a group of primarily teens writing skills and forcing them to spend a Saturday afternoon studying English instead of running around like they could have been. They were a good group of kids and we did our best to make learning fun and have some good times together. Posted by Picasa

Here is the half of the class which showed up for the final day, the rest being at school parties and festivities. From left to right they are: Tom, Elva, Howard, Jenny, Charlene, Me, Angel and Cedric. Posted by Picasa

The first picture I took of my beautiful Connie with my new camera, it turned out rather well I think. We’re in a nearby Thai restaurant enjoying some expensive, but delicious food! I have a confession to make, for the first time in my life, I, Robyn Paterson, ate frog legs last night. Tasted like bland chicken, actually. May all my former pet frogs now in heaven forgive me! Posted by Picasa

Connie is shocked by how good the book she is reading is! And, what is this book? Why, The Count of Monte Christo by Alexandre Dumas! After much pestering by her annoying boyfriend, she started to read it, and found out there was a reason he loves this book so much! Posted by Picasa

I found these little lovebirds sitting on a steetcorner waiting for mail! I have mentioned before that modern Taiwanese seem to have a love for statuary, and I will try to capture more and more of that on this blog. Too bad the one mailbox door seems to have been broken, when I checked inside I found it was filled with Junk Mail! Posted by Picasa

Ever wonder what a Taxi in Taipei looks like? Well now you know. Although most of them look more like the 4-door sedan type common in North America, there are also quite a few of these smaller, more nimble models. Posted by Picasa