The view to the Northeast from out hotel balcony in Singapore, room 5668, as in, Floor 56 (of 70), room 68. (Although I’d say there were really only 20 rooms on the floor that I could tell.) When we were driving in from the airport I noticed that most of the tall buildings in Singapore are painted white, which gave me a clue as to the normal colour of the sky. The weather in Singapore is incredibly gentle, 3 days in the Sun in 30+ degrees temperatures and Rob (who burns bright red in 20 minutes of Ontario Summer sun) didn’t even turn a darker shade of pink, only my face got a little redder.  Posted by Hello

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  1. You have taken some amazing photo of Singapore. We have been get nothing but rain and snow here mostly rain. one day +5 the next
    -7. The dragon statue
    is very cool,love the picture of you with the grant flowers Looks like you had a fun time.

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