Gundam Wisdom

I just finished watching Gundam Seed Destiny Episode 17, another brilliant episode showing this show is far superior to its predecessor as well as being one of the best anime on the air right now. Anyways, here’s the speech from the end, I liked it so much I copied it down:

Athrun: You said you lost your family on Onogoro Island in ORB, right?
Shin: I said they were killed…by the Athha family’s arrogance.
Athrun: If that’s the way you want to think of it, that’s fine. But, is that why you’ve come to think how you do? Saying to yourself: “If only I had power back then…” “If only I’d gotten ahold of power…”
Shin: How can you say that to me?
Athrun: Everyone who has cried over being powerless thinks that way, I think. But, from the moment you take that power into your hand, you’ll become the person who will make others cry. Don’t you ever forget that.
We’ll be going out on the battlefield again soon. Should you forget at that time, losing yourself to your own selfish reasoning and sense of justice, you’ll become a destroyer, using your power recklessly against others.
You’re not like that, right?

Arthrun Zala to Shin Asuka, Gundam Seed Destiny ep.17

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