End of NTU

Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoon the campus is filled with groups of men with cameras following around beautiful women in sexy or strange outfits. They’re camera clubs who hire the model collectively to spend a few hours posing for them. It’s a good gig for both sides, although one wonders how the models feel about it. In this case the model was wearing a sexy angel costume (with wings), a pink wig, AND bunny ears! You have to wonder how they explained what she’d be wearing to her, or how they decided this was the costume they wanted her to wear…”I want a bunny girl!” “I want an angel”, “I want a girl with pink hair!” Still, it does keep the campus interesting!

A view of the agricultural gardens where they grow experimental crops, and one of the more modern buildings.

Flowers from the side of the path.

Students come,
Students go,
Knowledge flows forever.

And Rob went home to take a nap… Posted by Picasa

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