America’s Bad Romance with the Middle East

The last 50 years of US/Middle East relations summed up in a single powerful music video to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.

Coolest Get-Out-the-Vote Ad- EVER!

We have elections coming up, I think we need to call Voteman! (NSFW, METAL!)

Korean Drama- Three Days (Spoiler Free Review)

I just finished watching the Korean action-thriller drama Three Days, which I have to say I enjoyed quite a bit. It’s a Korean series in the vein of the American drama 24, about the Personal Security Service (PSS) of the Korean President, and how they’re caught in a struggle between the President of Korea and a shadowy cabal of powerful men who are trying to kill him. The PSS are charged with protecting the President, but is the man they’re giving their lives for really worth that protection?

If I have to describe the series, I’d describe it like driving down a twisty mountain road at night at high speed with only a flashlight to guide your way. It’s incredibly twisty, with danger flying at the main characters at every turn, the odds stacked against them, and everything that can go wrong pretty much does. A true thriller, and while it does have its weaker points, it pretty much manages to keep you guessing right up until near the end.

It’s by the same team that did the drama SIGN and the more recently drama Ghost, so if you’ve seen either of those, you know what to expect. I’d actually say Ghost was the better series, as it had a much better villain, but Three Days does deliver the action and the production values are more like a 16 hour long movie!

One minor quibble is that the title is Three Days, but actually the story takes place over nine days. It’s broken down into three arcs, with each of the arcs being three days long, but the title of the show is a real misnomer. I guess “Nine Days” didn’t sound as cool or dramatic.


China’s Future: Military Government or Civil War?

Gordon Chang: China’s 18th Party Congress | TVO Main.

For better or worse, I think Gordon Chang is right. China is on course for what at best may be a military government, and at worst may be a full-on civil war- and it could happen literally overnight. This might not sound like a big deal to most of you reading this, but consider that China is perhaps one of the largest players in the Global Supply Chain, and is manufacturing products (or components of products) that you buy everyday. Almost all computer manufacturing, for example, is dependent on Chinese factories at some level.

If political turmoil happens, all that would literally be shut down overnight, and it could be weeks/months/years to get it back.

What will this do to the global economy?

All our eggs have been placed in one basket by greed and exploitive neo-liberal capitalism, and heaven help us if someone knocks over that basket! (A basket we have no control or influence over, I might add.)


Canadian Tories admit that Canadians don’t want DRM rules, push for them anyway – Boing Boing

I’m hoping this one will get struck down ASAP by the Supreme Court once it hits, since there doesn’t seem to be any way to stop it. Sigh. This is a government that knows its own people hate something with a passion but is going to shove it down their throats anyways in the name of American corporate interest groups. All of you who voted for the Conservatives, remember this- you chose these guys.

Canada’s Parliament is debating bill C-11, the latest incarnation of a “modernisation” copyright bill, which contains a very controversial US-style “digital locks” (DRM) rule. Under C-11’s digital locks rules, it would be illegal to remove any sort of anti-copying technology, even if you’re doing so for a lawful purpose. For example, if a store sold you one of my books with DRM on it, I, as the rightsholder, couldn’t authorise you to remove the digital locks (it would even be illegal for me, the creator of the book, to remove the digital lock!).

via Canadian Tories admit that Canadians don’t want DRM rules, push for them anyway – Boing Boing.

Canada’s Tories set to reintroduce DRM-friendly copyright bill without consultation – Boing Boing

Canada’s Tories set to reintroduce DRM-friendly copyright bill without consultation – Boing Boing.

I knew this was coming as soon as Harper’s government won a majority in the election. Prepare for every under the age of 30 to be criminals, folks! (What? File sharing is illegal and I can go to jail now?) This Bill is even stronger than the American copyright laws, and was pretty much directly written by Americans corporations and lobbiests who were tired of Canadians and their file-sharing habits! 🙁

I wish I was exxagerating , but go read about it yourself.


Jack Layton dead at 61 – The Globe and Mail


Jack Layton dead at 61 – The Globe and Mail.

RIP Jack! You fought the good fight, and restored the Left in Canada, giving us a new political landscape. Thank you.