China’s Future: Military Government or Civil War?

Gordon Chang: China’s 18th Party Congress | TVO Main.

For better or worse, I think Gordon Chang is right. China is on course for what at best may be a military government, and at worst may be a full-on civil war- and it could happen literally overnight. This might not sound like a big deal to most of you reading this, but consider that China is perhaps one of the largest players in the Global Supply Chain, and is manufacturing products (or components of products) that you buy everyday. Almost all computer manufacturing, for example, is dependent on Chinese factories at some level.

If political turmoil happens, all that would literally be shut down overnight, and it could be weeks/months/years to get it back.

What will this do to the global economy?

All our eggs have been placed in one basket by greed and exploitive neo-liberal capitalism, and heaven help us if someone knocks over that basket! (A basket we have no control or influence over, I might add.)