The Conversion of a Climate-Change Skeptic –

CALL me a converted skeptic. Three years ago I identified problems in previous climate studies that, in my mind, threw doubt on the very existence of global warming. Last year, following an intensive research effort involving a dozen scientists, I concluded that global warming was real and that the prior estimates of the rate of warming were correct. I’m now going a step further: Humans are almost entirely the cause.

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  1. I don’t know whether to cheer, or to stop myself from calling for a public flogging.

    I have to hold back my anger at the people who have, for all intents and purposes, dug their fingernails in and may just have put the human race in the coffin by their actions… if not put the last nail in the coffin.
    I have three children.
    The least you folks can do now, is roll up your sleeves and be part of the solution for a change.

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