Pixar Story Rules in LEGO!

Alex Elyar on Slacktory has taken Emma Coat’s Pixar’s Rules of Storytelling and turned them posters illustrated with Lego for great visual results:

I’ve always heard that you can have one major co-incidence per story and the audience will generally let it pass. However, this rule is pretty good too!

I learned this one from doing Audio Drama, but it’s stuck with me while doing prose fiction as well. It’s a variant of the K.I.S.S. rule.

Good advice. As someone who is currently having a small bit of writer’s block, I plan to try this one after I post this!

Good advice for all creative people!

This is only about a third of the rules, go check out the original page for the rest of them. They’re worth taking the time to read (again!).


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