10,000 words of fiction a day? Is that possible?

According to author Rachel Aaron it is!

While I think my best so far has been around 4,000 (on really really good day) she claimed in a recent interview on the Dead Robots Society podcast that she’s managed as much as 14,000 in a single day. (She says she finished a 75,000 word novel in 12 days as part of a personal challenge, and this was one of the better days.)

How did she do it? Well, as she explains well in the above interview (worth a listen), which was based on this blogpost, it basically comes down to outlining, knowing your personal rhythms, and keeping yourself excited about what you’re writing. It is a bit more detailed than that, so check out the post and see if it can help you.

I know for myself, I do write faster and better with a fairly good outline than I do when I’m just winging it. I discovered the importance of outlines during my audio drama scriptwriting, and it’s transferred over to my prose writing now. I’m not sure how I feel about the idea of even detailing who says what before I write, but I’m willing to give it a go! I have so many stories I want to write, and need to get them out as fast as I can!

Rachel is a thoughtful and systematic writer, and I heartily recommend also checking out her posts on How I Plot a Novel in 5 Steps and The Two Bird Minimum. I think I’m going to have to read some of her stuff as well, since it sounds interesting, and I’m curious to see what her techniques have been producing.

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