A Canary named Conan

Recently Broken Sea Audio has been forced to take down their growing collection of Conan audio drama and audiobook readings by Conan Properties Incorporated, a company which claims to own and manage the rights to the character of Conan the Barbarian. You can read more about this here.

Now while this sucks for Broken Sea, it also brings up a point I’ve been making about Fanworks for a while- they’re a risky business. Bill Hollweg and his crew put ungodly amounts of effort into Conan, being huge fans of the series, and spent possibly hundreds of hours working on Conan-related projects. (They naturally wanted the Conan fanworks they did to be top knotch, which they were!)  Now, just like that, it’s been pulled out from under them and all that work has disappeared into the ether. So to all of you considering putting all your efforts into fanworks- it can and could happen to you too.


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