A Taste of Russia in Taipei

Since coming to Taiwan I have definitely picked up the Taiwanese love of good food. Part of that has been making a point of trying new restaurants whenever I can, partly to have a new experience and partly to avoid going to the same places too much. This past weekend Connie and I set off to the Salt and Bread Russian restaurant/cafe/bakery located on DunHua South Road. I’d never really had much Russian food, so I thought this might be a cool new taste to try. As it turns out, I actually had had many of the things on the menu at various times, it had just never registered that I was eating Russian food when I had it.

Connie ordered some Glazed Salmon with Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp and I ordered some excellent Chicken Kiev. While we were eating a Russian man carrying an accordian came out in a traditional Russian folk costume accompanied by a similarly dressed woman and the two of them launched into various Russian songs. I have to say it really perked up what had seemed like a stuffy atmosphere at first, and before long we were smiling and tapping our fingers to the music.

Then came dessert… Posted by Picasa