Portfolio of Work

Written Works



Short Stories:

Little Gou Stories:

  • Hot Soup (an adaptation of the audio drama Little Gou and the Emperor’s Cousin)
  • The Cat and the Whaler (an adaptation of the audio drama Little Gou and the order of the Perfect Golden Dragon) (out of print)
  • Suffer the Poisoner (original story) (out of print)

Other Stories:


Audio Drama

(All Audio Dramas were written and produced by Robyn, with a full cast of actors. These were originally aired on the Kung Fu Action Theatre podcast.)

Twin Stars

Book One:

101 – Episode One: Stationfall
102 – Episode Two: War Crimes
103 – Episode Three: Dogfight
104 – Episode Four: Pursuit
105 – Episode Five: Society
106 – Episode Six: Reversal of Fortune
107 – Episode Seven: Escape from Sulvan Kay
108 – Episode Eight: Hammer and Anvil – Part One
109 – Episode Nine: Hammer and Anvil – Part Two

Book Two:
201 – Episode One: Cat & Mouse
202 – Episode Two: Pathways
203 – Bystander Effect
204 – Higher Education
205 – Enemies and Allies
206- Valkyrie
207- Ghosts
208- Twenty-Five
209- Showdown
210- Showdown (Part 2)
211- Showdown (Part 3)

The Adventures of Little Gou

Little Gou and the Emperor’s Cousin
Little Gou and the Order of the Perfect Golden Dragon
Little Gou and the Master of Thunder
Little Gou and the Standing Engagement (Remastered)
Little Gou and the Silk Scarf Bandit
Little Gou and the Bell Maker’s Son
Little Gou at Hell’s Gate
Little Gou and the Princess in Peril
Little Gou and the Tea Master
Little Gou and the Four Flowers of Shandong (Written by Fiona Thraille)
Little Gou and the Kind Word


Episode One- The Package
Episode Two- La Belle Dame sans Merci
Episode Three- The Lost Broadcast! Battle on Tokyo Tower!

Team Iron Angel

1 TIA-BDGA-Ep01-Prologue
2 TIA-BDGA-Ep02-Trainwreck
3 TIA-BDGA-Ep03-Snowbound
4 TIA-BDGA-Ep04-Windchill
5 TIA-BDGA-Ep05-Wendigo
6 TIA-BDGA-Ep06-Visitors
7 TIA-BDGA-Ep07-Seige
8 TIA-BDGA-Ep08-Shifting Snows
9 TIA-BDGA-Ep09-Cliffhanger
10 TIA-BDGA-Ep10-Payback
11 TIA BDGA Director’s Notes

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