Amazon Purging Reviews?

I happened to wander over to Joe Konrath’s blog today and noticed the top story was about Amazon purging reviews. It seems in response to a recent cry by independent authors for Amazon to police their reviews, they’ve begun using a heavy-handed algorithm which hunts for reviews by people that might be linked to the author and removes them.

This is pretty disturbing, and it gets even worse, check out the blog article below for more details…

So I just emerged from my editing cave (my second draft of book 2 for the PERSEF0NE trilogy is done- whew) to some disturbing news. Digging through a backlog of emails, I came across a few from fans that were extremely troubling. Apparently these fans tried to submit reviews of my book on Amazon, and their reviews either a) never appeared, or b) were abruptly taken down.

via The Kill Zone: Et Tu, Amazon?.