Blazing Across the Stars

When I was 8, a single series rocked my young world- Star Blazers. The Americanization of Space Battleship Yamato (perhaps one of the most important anime of all time) was an epic to behold, and despite the limited animation it captured our young imaginations in its romantic voyage into space. Each week when the words “Hurry Star Force! There are only XXX days left!” urged our heroes on, we couldn’t wait to see what happened next!

Of course, I wasn’t the only one to have Star Blazers make an impression on me. There’s a new Star Blazers audio drama running from Forward Momentum Productions which really recaptures the feel of the old show well, and of course there’s the new big budget live-action movie version due in December 2010.

But I think the think most people remember most about the show was the music, it was rousing and bombastic, and made you want to sign onto the Argo first chance you had! Here’s an American High School band doing an amazing instrumental version just to prove it!

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