Constantine and friends

So, in a weird twist of fate the movie Constantine (which some of you will know as the movie version of the comic Hellblazer) got released here in Taiwan a week and a half before North America. Not sure of his happened, but my GF loves Mr. Reeves so Rob was off to the movies with the Kang family tonight.
Okay, so Keneau saves the world again while playing an acerbic prick who can see the supernatural that exists all around us. That pretty much sums it up, and in the meantime were treated to a visually nice but not very deep movie with a really obvious villain (if you know that it’s from a Vertigo comic, you knew which side would be “evil” before you watched it) and a few nifty special effects. About the only thing I can say which is redeeming (in a guilty pleasure sort of way) is the ending, which has a nice satisfying twist to it.
End result: see it in the cheap theatre or on DVD, and if you miss it you’re not missing anything important, go read a book instead.

Other recently watched movies:

Mean Girls: A girl who was raised in Africa experiences American High School. Cute, not very good, but cute and has a decent message which most teen girls should probably actually hear. If any of you had teen daughters who hadn’t seen it, I’d tell you to rent it, the rest of you can see it on TV.

Jersey Girl: NYC Ad executive finds himself raising daughter alone after his wife dies and having to return to his home town in New Jersery to do it. Kevin Smith’s statement on the whole “running off to the big city to chase your dream” thing, I’d honestly say it’s him telling the folks back home that they can be happy where they are. Characters and dialogue are cute, but overall the movie is nothing very special. Not bad, not great.

The Forgotten:Woman discovers that she seems to be the only person in the world who remembers the dead son she had who died in a plane crash a year before. Simply put, this is a 2 hour long Outer Limits episode (for those who know what this means, and know the premise/rules to the original Outer Limits, you will know what’s going on just from reading that) where we watch her trying to find out why she is the only one who remembers. Kind’ve creepy in some ways, and overall not bad with a decent ending. Actually, there are TWO endings on the DVD if you rent it, the “alternate ending” (ie the low-key original ending which is both satisfying and subtle) and the “theatrical ending” (ie the big blow out SPFX-filled Hollywood ending they made after the test audiences didn’t quite get the original ending). I personally think both endings work, but like the “alternate” one better. If you rent the DVD watch the last four acts of whatever version you didn’t seen and compare, it’s an interesting contrast.