Cyberlink Advanced Class Finishes

(from L>R: Irisa, Joseph, Me, Mou, Herry and Arthur. Missing: Elisa, Shelly, Cyndi. Remus, Joseph and Gary)

Last night I finished my advanced class at Cyberlink, the software company I’ve been teaching at on Tuesday and Thursday nights for the past three months. While the intermediate class on Tuesday nights were fun, this was the more interesting of the two classes because we had some real conversations about many different topics. Last night we discussed everything from Irisa’s unluckiness to Gundam (Arthur and Herry turned out to be fans) and it was a good time. I will miss chatting with Joseph and seeing Mao work so hard as well, as a teacher I appreciated it. Of course, that is only half the class above, the rest were too busy to attend the final session, but that’s life at Cyberlink. I wish them and their company the best of luck in the future, and hope they keep studying English! Jia yo!


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