A little while ago I heard about a program called F.Lux¬†on a podcast I was listening to and decided to check it out, here’s the wikipedia entry about it:

f.lux is a computer program developed by Michael and Lorna Herf. It adjusts a computer display’s color temperature according to its location and time of day, based on a user specified set of longitude and latitude geographical coordinates, a ZIP Code, or a city name.

The program was designed to reduce eye strain during nighttime use and to prevent disruption of normal sleep patterns.

So I downloaded it and after a little adjustment, I have to say I like it. Since I work on my screen a lot after dark, I wanted something that will reduce my eyestrain and f.lux seems to do the trick. I haven’t noticed any particular benefits with my sleep patterns, but that may also be because I found the recommended settings a bit too orange and so I increased the blue factor of my screen a little bit above the default.

Still, I’m pretty happy with it. One warning- if you are doing colour-sensitive work you’ll want to disable f.lux while you’re doing that work because the colours won’t look right. Luckily, that just requires a single click to do, so it’s no big deal.



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