Feeling a Little Evil? – Method to the Madness has been Unleashed!

The long-awaited handbook that belongs on the shelf of every world conquerer has finally been released upon the world!

Want to know the in’s and out’s of supervillain fashion? It’s in there!

Want to know about care and feeding of your minions? It’s in there!

Want to know how to decorate that new lair just right? It’s in there!

Want to know about how a real supervillain handles a public relations crisis? It’s in there! (And I should know, I wrote it!)

The world’s 24 worst villains were asked to provide their best tips and advice, and now these secrets will be shared with you!  Each copy been scanned for nanotech zombie plagues and hypnotic commands to bark like a dog, and found to be completely safe! (And if not- you won’t remember anyway!)

So, shamble on over to Amazon, Smashwords or visit the kind folks at Five Rivers Publishing and grab your copy today! (Remember- The early bird who hesitates gets wormed!)

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