Forest City Go Club is GO!

As I’ve mentioned from time to time on here, I’m addicted to Go, the best game in the history of mankind. (Well, besides Shining Force, but I digress…) I’ve also been involved with the Fanshawe College Go Club, which was formed last October but sadly folded as of last week due to the summer break and low membership. (A bunch of 18 year olds addicted to sex, freedom and partying weren’t interested in playing a 4000 year old board game of focus and contemplation- who would have thunk it?) This leaves London without a Go club of any sort, since the University of Western Ontario Go Club died a short time ago, and London has never had an independent club that I know of.

Until now!

As of this Thursday (April the 21st, 2011) the Forest City Go Club opens its doors to play each Thursday from 6pm to 9pm at the Northbrae YMCA (go here for details). We’ve inherited the Fanshawe club’s equipment, so we have three full sets of stones and paper boards to play on, as well as my own two sets, and whatever other sets people want to bring. I think that should be a good start, and it lets us offer the whole thing for free to the local community and anyone who wants to come out and join in!

I have no idea how many people will come, but it looks like at least six people I know will be there for the first of the weekly meetings, and I’ve put up 19 poster/flyers around the city so far in places where interested people might go. The club webpage I linked to above is getting a couple hits a day, so hopefully we’ll have lots of new people coming out- it’s just a matter of wait and see!

So, if you know anyone who might be interested in learning to play Go, or you’re a player yourself please come out and join us! Half the fun of playing Go is being social and meeting new people.


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