Formosa Valve and Fitting Company

Recently I finished a session (but no the class) at the Formosa Valve and Fitting Company, a company located way out in the suburb of San-Chong where I teach 5 beautiful girls and one distinguished gentlemen. The gentleman was out this day, so unfortunately you will have to make due with a picture of the smart and lovely ladies of FVF. From left to right, they are: Ivy, Celine (don’t call her Celina!), Sherry (who is single and looking!), cheerful Evelyn and their brave leader Jenny.
I took over this class from Terrance, another teacher at Kojen ESP who left to seek job opportunities elsewhere, and have been teaching them writing skills. I came in halfway through the session, but we get along pretty well and they were kind to this new teacher. If they can just improve their grammar, they’ll actually be a good bunch of writers, but they need to keep practicing! Posted by Picasa