General Update or "How I Spent my Hiatus" by Robyn Paterson

Well, so far the Release Hiatus is going about like I expected.

I pretty much goofed off for the Month of January (which was my plan, I needed the downtime).

And now in February I’m working hard to get things ready for the next season.

On my production plate right now:

  • D-Ranger Adventure 2 and D-Ranger Adventure 3 (both in full production)
  • Twin Stars Book 2 (Episode One is casting right now, Episode Two will start casting next week. Although it will be a small casting session since there aren’t many new characters. There will be 8 episodes to this Book, and a tighter and more focussed story than Book One.)
  • Remastering D-Ranger Adventure 1 for the new series.

Near-Future Audio Drama Projects:

  • The Inuyama Rebellion (a miniseries of high Samurai adventure in Old Japan)
  • D-Ranger Adventure 4, 5, and 6 (continuing the story arc I started)
  • Team Iron Angel- Vita (1-shot)

Far Future Audio Drama Projects:

  • More Little Gou adventures (I still think of new ones from time to time and take notes. This would probably be done as more of a “series” than the previous 10 episodes.)
  • The Librarian Conspiracy (a 6 episode Fantasy miniseries about political intrigues in a small kingdom.)

Other Projects:

  • Finishing Little Gou and the Crocodile’s Daughter
  • A youth-oriented novel called Anisa and the Little Goblin Seamstress