Hayao Miyazaki lays down the law!

Japanese Animator Hayao Miyazaki delivered a verbal thumping to a recent interviewer (who was spending more time fiddling with his new iPad than doing this job from the sounds of it)-

I’m sure there are many people who want to become omnipotent by getting their hands on this iWhatever. I’ll tell you sir, there were once a bunch of people who wore radio cassette players (those bulky things) wherever they went in the sixties. They wore it like a priceless emblem.

They’re mostly probably living off of pension funds now, but you and them are the same. You jump at the newest gadgets, and all you do is relish the pride in owning one as some consumer.

You must not becomes a consumer. You must become someone that creates.


You can read more of this interview here, but I should warn you the site is kinda NSFW, I couldn’t find another site hosting a translation unfortunately.

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