How to watch Ultraman

After I posted our recent episode of The Department of Nerdly Affairs about Ultraman, I got to thinking about what Ultraman series would be best for people watch as their first one. After all, your first exposure to a show can make a big difference in how you react to it. So, after giving it some thought, here are my recommendations: (click on the posters to check out the shows)

If you’re the type who loves the 60’s era Godzilla movies, then you should watch….

Original Ultraman

If you’re the type who loves early Doctor Who and original Star Trek, and don’t mind the old special effects, then check out…


If you want something like the original Ultraman with slightly better effects and a cool hero, (and you’re still not sure which one to watch) then you should watch…

Ultraman TIGA

If you’re a fan of old British shows like Thunderbirds and UFO, then the show that might be for you is… (Crunchyroll link.)

Ultraman Gaia

If you want something with decent special effects, a darker tone, and a little more serial plot, then probably you should watch…

Ultraman Nexus

If you want a show that’s about love, friendship with animals, and tries to avoid serious violence, then this is for you…

Ultraman Cosmos

If you want a show which is just fun and has more modern special effects, then you want to watch… (Crunchyroll link.)

Ultraman Max

And, finally, if you’re under the age of 12… Just watch any of them, you’ll love them all. 🙂