Just got my first payment from Smashwords for Hot Soup

Back in February of 2011, I stuck my short story Hot Soup up on Smashwords as an experiment, and today I received my first payment for it- $9.16. The story is 99 cents wherever it’s sold, and is available on a number of services.

Here are my sales for the Smashwords network:

  • Smashwords.com (all-time): 2
  • Retailers during 2011:
    • Amazon: 0
    • Apple: 5
    • Barnes & Noble: 4
    • Diesel: 0
    • Kobo: 9
    • Sony: 2

Now, while these sales are not incredible numbers, they are interesting. Especially the fact that I sold so well on the Kobo, which I’d written off as a dead platform. I would have expected more sales from Barnes and Noble, but they apparently weren’t interested in a short adventure in Old China.

Now, I should note that I’ve sold around 30 copies on Amazon’s Kindle. 🙂 (It’s a fully seperate acount from Smashwords, so not on the list above.) So it is clearly still the best place to put your work, but Smashwords did deliver on the other ebook providers as well.


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