Monday Morning Wakeup! Meet Hot Musical Metal!

Youtube user 331Erock is an extremely talented electric guitarist with a love for doing heavy metal guitar adaptations of different songs. (He’s done over 50 assorted tunes so far.) I thought a few of his better ones would be a great way to start off a Monday morning. Enjoy! 🙂


This one is guaranteed to get you out of bed! Thundercats! HO-ly sh*t he’s good!

Where’s my whip and hat?

A little romance of the metal kind:

Obligatory, and oddly soft for a metal tune.

As my friend CTC commented- this should be the new official theme song to every giant robot anime:

And to close the show- a tribute to the Big G himself (Godzilla 2014 this weekend! You don’t get more metal than that!)

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