New Podcast (to me!) – Adventures in SciFi Publishing

My podcasting discovery of the week is the genuinely charming Adventures in SciFi Publishing podcast which I discovered on twitter a couple days ago and have to say I’m thoroughly enjoying. The podcast itself is a couple of speculative fiction authors interviewing other Sci-Fi and Fantasy authors about the craft of writing, their approach to writing, and the industry in general. It actually reminds me a little bit of the Prisoners of Gravity TV series, but instead of grabbing clips of a bunch of different writers on a particular topic they just let the writers talk about what interests them in the industry.

It’s interesting to see how these “visionaries of the future” are just as baffled and confused about the future of their own industry as everyone else. The cool part for me is hearing how they’re coping with that, and the steps they’re taking to try to surf the new waves happening in the publishing world.

One idea that came up while I was listening that bothered me a bit is that a lot of writers are currently making money on eBooks by putting up the old works that have reverted to them. That’s great, but what worries me is that very soon (if not already) I suspect we’ll start to see contracts with publishers for new writers than basically mean the publishers get profits from all eBook sales of the books until they recoup their losses. (Which should be read as- NEVER.) Electronic publishing may have freed the older authors, but it may very well become an albatross around new writers long term.

Anyhow, give the podcast a listen if this type of thing is up your alley!