Rob arrives in Canada!

So, January 30th, I arrived in Canada with Connie for a two week visit with family, friends and relatives. Both Connie and I were severely jetlagged after a long flight that included a visit to George Bush International Airport (hightech, cold, and secure) and eventually ended in a 2 hour bus ride to London from Toronto. When we got to London we greeted my parents, and then crashed into our beds to enjoy them.

On Monday we visited with my friends Lisa To, Janet and Arthur, but I forgot to take my camera and it was just a short visit because Connie and I were still pretty tried.

On Tuesday Connie and I finally had a real visit with two of my old friends, Graham and Lisa Mo (pictured above), and spent time chatting at a local restaurant. I’m afraid we were still too tired to be good conversationalists, and poor Graham and Lisa had to do their best to keep things going! Sorry guys! Graham is one of the best read people I know, and an old friend whom I often chat about many things with. He’s a graduate student at the University of Western Ontario who’s studying to be a librarian. Lisa Mo is hoping to be a graduate student soon (I’m keeping my fingers crossed), and is an international business student from Hong Zhou, China who I met through another friend at school. She’s a cheerful lady who is always smiling and while she seems soft, there is a tiger inside her, so guys better watch out! Posted by Picasa