Rob’s Apartment!

Ever wonder what a cool high-tech Taipei single apartment looks like? Well wonder no longer! Here in all it’s expansive glory is Rob’s 2-shoebox apartment! (As opposed to my former single shoebox apartment!) Behind me is my front door, to my left is my small bathroom and just around the bottom left corner of the picture is my kitchenette! I have a nice simulated wood floor (concrete underneath), a large bed, a desk wedged into the one corner, and a closet hidden within that while column at the back. It’s not bad for one person, and even two can live in it without going crazy. One weird quirk to it that I can’t figure out is that it’s naturally warm when it’s cold outside, and naturally cool when it’s warm outside. There is no reason for this, it just naturally seems to regulate it’s own temperature. I’m not sure if I should be happy or scared, but it’s a nice feature. Now if only I could get rid of the kindergarten in the building next door and their endless singing….Posted by Picasa