Self-Publishing through

I’ve just spent the afternoon reading through and I have to say it’s quite an interesting setup they’ve got there. Not only do they function as a online printing shop where you can make your own products (Books, CDs, Calendars, etc) they also function as a full publisher for your works as both a Print on Demand service and for an extra fee (basic publishing is free to the creator) they’ll even get you listed on and other online bookstores with a full registered ISBN number and all.

As I work through my options on how to distribute Little Gou and the Crocodile Princess (on Chapter 10 now, woohoo!) is definitely starting to figure into my plans. I know I will distribute it free as a podcast audiobook, but I’ve been debating on how to distribute the print version. Part of me wants to just consider the whole book a promo and give it away for free text and all as a way of building my reputation as an author. Another part however, thinks that I should make some effort to make a modest profit from my labors and just release the podcast and part of the text for free with the rest up for sale through (And probably, if going this route, through as well! $100 for a book that can sit as being available for decades isn’t bad.)


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