Sunset at Sunlit

I know I’ve been remiss in writing in my Blog recently, I just got finished a nasty round of colds and some culture shock that didn’t leave me much in the mood for Blogging, and I apologize for that. I have, however, been taking pictures, so it’s time to get some of them up!
This last Wed. night was my last class at Sunlit System Technology Corp., it’s been a real up and down class (literally) since it started with 12 students, quickly reduced to 2 students due to staff changes, then 1 student for a few weeks, and then for the last three classes jumped up to 7 students! It was like being on a teaching roller-coaster, and mostly due to internal changes at Sunlit, which is a company specializing in radio frequency tags.
The above picture is from my final class, and the two ladies in the middle were two of my best three students (the third was absent, so he doesn’t deserve to be the in the picture!). The cutie next to me is Renee, followed by Hanna the brave adventurer, Tim the comic fan (who I caught drawing in class more than once!) and the ever-smiling Morris. (He really never stops smiling!) Posted by Picasa

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