The Plaque under the Statue

The plaque reads: “Dr. MacKay. 1844-1901. In 1872, Doctor George Leslie MacKay, a Presbyterian Missionary, was assigned to DanShui, Taiwan. Dr. MacKay established numerous churches, introduced “Western Medicine” here, and practiced medicine free of charge for the poor. Further, Dr. MacKay set up the Oxford College in DanShui and the DanShui Girls School to broaden the horizon of knowledge about the occidental civilization for Taiwanese. The introduction of the Western educational system had a great impact on the modernization in Taiwan. Dr. MacKay had a passion on (for?) Formosa, Taiwan and married a Taiwanese girl from Wuu-Guu (Wugu), Taipei County, and lived in DanShui until his death in June, 1901.” Posted by Picasa