The Roundtable Podcast (on Writing)

This week I started listening to The Roundtable Podcast after hearing about it on the Dead Robots’ Society writer’s podcast. The premise is simple enough: each the two hosts and one successful writer help an aspiriing guest writer brainstorm their current project to improve it as best they can.

I’ve listened to the first two roundtables (J. Daniel Sawyer and Nathan Lowell), and I have to say that I haven’t gotten much from the actual roundtables themselves- in both cases the guest aspiring writer really hadn’t thought through their story enough before coming on the show, so things lacked focus. They ended up spending most of the time trying to find a story and not much on getting into the actual creative side of things.

On the other hand, the “Twenty Minutes With…” sessions they do with the published writers are author gold! The two hosts spend twenty minutes grilling the writers on their approaches to writing, and it’s fascinating to hear them talk about what works for them and how they go about crafting their novels. We learn what works for them, and what doesn’t work, and why they write the way they do. I would definitely recommend any aspiring writer to give these a listen.

I plan to continue to listen to both parts, and hopefully they’ll get a couple of writers on with more solid ideas in the next couple shows.