They should just ask some kids to do it.

The city of Detroit is starting to follow other cities like Flint and has plans to tear down the massive swaths of empty run-down homes that cover much of it’s city and replace them with parkland and fields. They’re going to spend millions tearing down the homes and replanting trees- to which I say “what took you so long?”

I lived in Windsor (aka “South Detroit”) for about four and a half years, and during that time made many trips to Detroit during the 90’s. It was a mess then, and is apparently even a bigger mess now that it’s lost more than half its former population. Something had to be done, and I agree with this choice both because the city simply needed to shrink, and it’s great to see desolated urban blight becoming living fields again. Sure, they’re going to have a big problem with hidden pockets of toxic waste and lord knows what else they’ll uncover during the restoration, but in the end it’s a worthwhile project that will see humanity treating the earth as it should.

I grew up next to a woodland park, and spent most of my childhood there, and I’m hoping that future generation of Detroiters will get to have the same experience.

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