Tuesday night with Lisa and Friends.

Tuesday night I again met up with some of my local friends at a bar called The Honest Lawyer in downtown London. I’d actually met up with this group the day after I came back to Canada, but forgot my camera that night because I was still so jetlagged.

Lisa To (the girl with the glasses in the picture above) is one of my closest and best friends. She’s an honest and kindhearted girl who was one of my first classmates when I returned to school in 2000 and had the misfortune to sit down next to Rob. Over the years we’ve gone through a lot together, and I consider her like family. Lisa is always curious, and never stops asking questions, which since I seem to have most of the answers she’s looking for, has made for a great friendship! She’s studying hard to be an engineer, and I have no doubts she’ll make a great one after she graduates. ^_^ She’s just got to survive one more year… Posted by Picasa

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