Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-16

  • Busy updating the KFAT site, including every WuXia link I can think of. #
  • New post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-09 #
  • New post: Little Gou hits the Kindle! #
  • The first KFAT Little Gou short story- Hot Soup! Is now available on Smashwords! #
  • New post: Adventures in making an E-Book Cover. #
  • RT @kunlunjournal: That makes sense, it paces really oddly too. Some of it's interesting, but a lot is boring. Get it cheap if you want it. #
  • RT @thecreativepenn: The top ebook self-publishers via @teleread Holy crap! Those are some good numbers! #
  • Watched Avengers:EMH episode The Man Who Stole Tomorrow. Great episode. This show just keeps getting better and better as it goes. #
  • This Will Change Everything: Google Translate Android App Translates Real-Time Speech via @gizmodo #
  • – Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior< An interesting perspective, although a little extreme. #
  • New post: Movie Night- The Green Hornet #

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