Wow, it’s been too long since I posted something here. Sorry about that!

The main reason (excuse) I will give is that I’ve been on Vacation for the past two months and for some reason I write MORE when I’m working than I do when I have time off. Not sure why that is, but is it.

Things I’m working on right now:


Twin Stars Episode 7&8- 7 is effectively done, but 8 is driving me nuts. I know what I want to have happen but making it all come together the way I’d like is turning into quite a challenge. I may have had a breakthrough today though, we’ll see.

Little Gou and the Jade Lamb- Inspired by being here in Taiwan, it’s a bit like Little Gou meets Iron Chef! If there’s one thing the locals know how to do it’s eat! ^__^

An unnamed fanfiction project also inspired by being here, which if I write it won’t be for KFAT but will be handed off to someone else to produce for another group since I have a no-fanfic policy on KFAT.

A Team Iron Angel story set in Africa dealing with terminator seeds. If you want to know what those are, go look them up. Hint- they’re much scarier than Arnie was, and they’re real.