W-2 Writing Crew First Try!

So, tonight I asked a student from another class to take a group picture of my Friday night writing class, but unfortunately those pictures turned out to be too blurry to be worth putting up. (They looked like we’d all just watched a cursed video and been told we’d die in 7 days.) So I took two more pictures myself, although I’m still not pleased with the results because some of the positioning is wrong. In any case, from Left to Right they are: Thomas, James, Johnny (man of mystery), Lynn (next to Johnny at the back), Laura (in red), Anny (ned to Laura), Sandy (behind Anny), Yvonne (over Sandy’s shoulder), Young and Emily. There are also two people missing besides me, so we definitely need a new class picture! (Although I doubt we’ll have everyone together again, but we’ll see.) Posted by Picasa