What Price Nobility?

So, I’m thinking over changes I want to make to Twin Stars in the second draft of the story, and it’s mostly little things, but one thing that’s come up is the Nobles. I’ve realized that I haven’t done anything to physically distinguish my race of genetically perfected galactic overlords. They basically just look the same as normal humans, but are much more buff and perhaps a tiny bit taller as they’re currently described.

The problem is that’s not only a little boring, it also lacks a visual tag that the reader can say “ah-ha! that person is a noble” without me having to mention it each time a noble character is introduced. My first instinct is to just make them a lot taller and thinner than normal people, but I’m wondering if I can’t do something more than that. I don’t want to use weird eye colors, and in the setting weird hair-colors would be common anyways, unless they all have the same color(s) for hair. Tattoos are out because they’re so common as to be cliche these days. (I think the genetically upgraded bunch on the TV show Andromeda used tattoos as markers.) Distinctive fashion is a possibility, but I wanted something physically different.

Still thinking.