Wiseman Educational Services | Proofreading and More

Announcing Rob’s newest venture- Wiseman Educational Services. After spending years editing and proofreading documents for people, I’ve decided to make a formal business of it and hang out my shingle!

As an English teacher, ESL teacher and English for Specific Purposes teacher I’ve edited just about everything over the years- from graduate thesis to poems and advertising. Often my employers while I was living in Asia would stick documents into my inbox and say “please edit this”, which I did as a dutiful employee. I even ended up working for a Korean company called E.K. Productions for a few years doing proofreading and polishing of documents as a sideline. One of the advantages of this is that I got really good at taking documents that are in a sort of half-English half-Korean/Chinese and then turning them into real English.

Anyways, if you have time, take a gander at the site and feel free to suggest improvements or point out things I might be missing.


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